Body Of The Paragraph

Thesis is not a thing of the past but not a focus not our focus so i offered an opportunity for students to come today during break so we can try to clear up whatever problems you’re having with the thesis but you know some people chose to come some people chose not to come that’s completely up to you it wasn’t a requirement because it was extra help well moving on let’s talk about this what is a paragraph well we have to start somewhere because the next stage of our learning how to write an essay deals with after the thesis yes yes and that’s dealing with the body the body of the essay and of course the body of the essay consists of paragraphs and of course those paragraphs well I hope that this is really a review because we went over what a paragraph is first quarter you remember when we talked about yes you know you don’t remember what we talked about before I move on I have one thing to say about the thesis. Learn the essay paragraph structure at Edusson.

 I have designated an ambassador to the 10th grade an ambassador to the 10th grade someone who here lately just about every thesis they have written has been correct so maybe you can ask the Ambassador you know what it is they’re eating in the morning are you know what their secret is so I asked it asked the ambassador hey okay all right here we go a paragraph is a collection of related sentences dealing with a single point and we talked about that this is the basic rule the rule is one point per paragraph a one idea per paragraph this is how we should deal with it we don’t want to try to prove three and four ideas in a paragraph confusing for you confusing for the reader and that really make for a nice well developed paragraph so here it is yes this is review can’t spend a whole lot of time or review unfortunately elements of a paragraph the entire paragraphs your concern itself with one focus one idea of one point if it begins with one focus idea point it should not end with another it should not start talking about something in talking about something else one idea point per paragraph.

 That’s the whole point and we talked about that well coherence in a paragraph yes coherence is the trait that makes the pentagram easily understandable you can help create coherence two ways logical order verbal bridges nu nu logical order verbal bridges I would only right what’s in yellow for you note-taking connoisseurs ological bridges and verbal bridges yes let’s do it the first one logical bridges only yellow please same idea from sentence to sentence the same idea of a topic is carried over sentence sentence yes successive sentences can be constructed in parallel form and we know what parallel ism is yes yes we talked about it parallel ism yes everything should be the same yes yes okay talking up talk about animals cats dogs munchkins is that an animal munchkin it’s like oh ok that’s a perversion of you.